A unique coating system for an unrivalled finish

Our patented seven stage treatment process guarantees that the surface of Ecovia windows is even, smooth, expressive, durable and easy to maintain. In this way their vivid character is emphasized, and the windows get a unique personality.

Advantages of the Ecovia surface treatment:

- High quality sheen because of our special spray-painting technology.

- Frames and sashes finished individually to guarantee all surfaces are covered.

- Highest resistance to UV rays, moisture and frost.

- No unhealthy solvents.

- Specially developed lacquer formula.

- Long lasting protection of the timber.

Drying phase between two surface treatments


  1. Selection of firmly laminated, glued wood and treatment with the most modern machines and tools;

  2. Colourless, water soluble impregnating lacquer by submersion to protect against insects and fungi;

  3. Water soluble base layer by submersion;

  4. First polishing phase;

  5. First lacquer layer with water soluble lacquer;

  6. Second polishing phase;

  7. Second lacquer / final treatment with water soluble environmentally friendly products.


Environmentally friendly colour layers and finishes

Efficient protection against humidity

The humidity regulating and dimensionally stabilizing attributes of our impregnation form the basis of the durable treatment of Ecovia windows and doors. Not only the impregnating layer but also the base, intermediate and final layers consist of highly active fungus killing components.

The impregnating liquid consists of fungus killing components that penetrate the wood deeply.

High water vapour permeability

The lacquers and varnishes for Ecovia windows and doors are vapor permeable. Humidity can enter and leave the timber freely because of vapor pressure rates. As the timber is allowed to breathe, it prevents the accumulation of high humidity and the formation of fungi.

Water only evaporates, as opposed to the active substances which stay in the wood and protect against wood discoloration and fungi.

Excellent bonding

Our lacquers and varnishes distinguish themselves because of their excellent bonding attributes. High quality "premium" bonding products - which are present in all base, intermediate and final layers - satisfy all these requirements, and complement each other perfectly.

A special colour layer prevents paint particles entering the pores.

Beautiful finish

Minimal maintenance to keep your windows beautiful and weatherproof for many years. Our extensive guarantee and maintenance manual informs you how to make sure that your windows will keep functioning correctly for years to come.

A special technology allows a deep penetration of nano particles in the wood. As a result an optimal protection and an excellent structural connection is guaranteed.

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