Architects & Design Professionals

How it works

Ecovia is different because we only work with architects and other design professionals.

We see ourselves as expert collaborators, integral to the design and build process. You can rely on us to provide you with full product support and technical advice for your project, working shoulder-to-shoulder with you from design, through manufacture to installation.


How we work with you

See our short video on how we work with architects and design professionals and how we can help your next project.

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Visit our showroom

Our studio in Battersea is a creative incubator and design space where you can bring your clients and take a deep dive into our products and how they work in situ.

Our experts are on hand to talk through ideas with you, answer questions, show you samples, make suggestions, and view plans from multiple angles.

We make the process inspirational and enjoyable, inviting you to explore the limits of your creativity with a choice of beautiful timbers and options for bespoke fixtures and finishes. 


We take responsibility for the whole process from start to finish and understand that smooth installation is as important to you as design and manufacture.

Our expert installers go through rigorous training when they join us, working specifically with the Ecovia product range and learning how to handle our products in a build.

You can therefore trust them to know exactly what they’re doing, take great care on site handling cranes and complex large-scale glass-fitting procedures with confidence, and work alongside you as part of your project team.