Full service joinery design consultants


What we do

Ecovia is a team of joinery design consultants. We take our inspiration directly from architects to supply high-performance timber-framed and frameless glazing, large-format sliding doors, exterior and interior doors, and cohesive interior joinery exclusively to the design industry – new generation products not seen elsewhere in the UK market.

Who we are

Ecovia was born in 2015 to meet a growing demand for ecological and high-performance interior joinery and glazing products led by aesthetics rather than by function alone.

We saw the need for a single point of contact where all elements of a joinery concept are curated into cohesive packages and design themes.

We were clear we wanted to collaborate and elevate our clients’ vision, working as design consultants as well as suppliers.

Visit our showroom

Our studio based conveniently in  Battersea London is much more than a typical showroom –it is an inviting design led space, providing the ideal environment to bring along  your clients and take a deep dive into our products range.