Material & Craft

Why Timber?

The world of design is now dominated by a demand for natural materials, biophilic design principles and regenerative building practices.

With a 21st century understanding of the need for natural light, insulation and good acoustics, clients are increasingly tuned in to using joinery and timber-framed glazing as aspirational design statements – features that make a home.


We understand sustainability is a priority for today’s architects and interior designers, and goes hand-in-hand with biophilic design and regenerative building practice.

Unlike other glazing and interior joinery suppliers that are having to adapt to a new set of industry demands, ‘eco’ is in our name and in our DNA and has been since we started in 2016.

Here are some of the ways we put ecology and sustainability at the heart of what we do:

  •  Our timber is sourced from FSC-certified forests which means you can trust an optimum level of sustainable production, environmental protection and fair trade for local communities
  • Healthy, well-managed timber is naturally excellent for carbon reduction; capturing carbon as it grows
  • Our timber is grown close to the factory meaning a low carbon footprint
  •  Ecovia products are built to last which, as well as being a good investment, minimises environmental waste
  •  Our timber is untreated and only uses water-based coatings
  • Our doors and windows are high-performance with low U-values for thermal insulation. All our products are suitable for use in Passivhaus projects, with a Passivhaus airtight standard (zero drafts)
  • The factory that makes our products is heated using wood pellets from manufacturing offcuts
  • Our windows, glass doors and glazing systems use smart glass coatings to maximise solar efficiency in the winter
  • Carbon offsets and smart deliveries further ensure you’re buying a carbon-neutral product


As a design professional you need to be able to trust the manufacturing process and have the security of a reliable and efficient supply chain. We work hard to maintain fast lead times, giving you the assurance you need to plan and manage every stage of your project.

Ecovia products are made using the latest CNC machines at our sustainably-run factories across Europe.

As an architect or design professional you benefit from the perfect fusion of modern space-age engineering technology with a decades-long woodcraft tradition.

A tradition exemplified by timber workers living and working in forest environments, with an intuitive understanding of what wood can do.